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We catch mistakes before
they are made!

Our strength is the ability to see through the eyes of the customer or employee.

The «perceived quality» is very important to us. Our analyses cover the hard, and particularly the soft factors. We get an idea of the infrastructure. We have an awareness for the potential problems in procedure and/or mood changes of employees. We research and evaluate customer experience, and elicit customer opinion. We observe supervisors in their leadership roles.

The corporate culture of the company needs to promote an image and perspective of quality. This means having the right values in place. For example, how does an enterprise deal with mistakes? How do they manage complaints?

We oversee the development, and accompany implementation of this culture, and assist with internal and external communication.


The Mystery-Check is our main tool for evaluating the quality of the service chain. As a boutique provider, we operate mainly in the High End sector and run our quality audits with a relative low number of audits. Most of our checkers are part of the highest Purchasing Power Class.

Our audits range from everyday shopping, purchases of consumer goods or services, up through consultation and mentoring.

Our experiences:
• Automotive
• Retail (mainly Non Food)
• Financial Services, Insurance
• Luxury Goods
• Telecommunications
• Tourism (Individual or comprehensive audits of destinations, regions, towns, cities, etc.)
• Public Transport
• Zoo

Example a Mystery-Check in the area of Tourism:

Our professional checkers appear as authentic guests. They ideally fit to the target group of an enterprise. This means, for example, that they would book a certain category of hotels also for themselves. In a detailed test report, the checker describes their personal impressions, experiences and observations. They record all contacts they have made as a test customer. These audit reports include personal, phone, written contacts as well as digital contacts.

Our checklists are recognized by the Swiss Tourism Federation (STF), particularly in the context of the Quality Label QI, QII and QIII, for checks in hotels, restaurants, information centres, cable cars, ski schools, spas, health and wellness facilities, fitness centres, and destinations, etc.

In addition, we also offer customized checklists, which can be crafted for scenarios that are industry- specific or company - specific scenarios.

Brochure Mystery-Check in English

We control the quality of service in a neutral, authentic and systematical matter.

Our Instruments:

• Workshops for Raising Awareness (Q-culture)
• Quality Assessments
• Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling, Mystery eMailing, Mystery Guesting, Store Check
• Cross Quality Check for Destinations
• Concepts for Examining the Quality
• Training (Groups and Individuals)

Our Roles:

• Leading and Moderating Workshops
• Coaching and Monitoring the Process of Change
• Mystery Checking
• Training Coaches
• Speaking / Lecturing


Please refer to: http://www.keatext.ai/voice-of-the-customer/customer-interactions-every-experience-counts/