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Peter Kirchgessner is the founder and CEO of the agency.

- Operating since the year 2000 in the areas of leadership, marketing, communication and quality management.

- Several years of experience as a Director, Project Manager and Coach.

Professional Experience:

• ABB Switzerland - Vocational training in commercial sales and Junior Buyer

• GfK - Retail Panelist, Survey Researcher, European Manager BtB

• General Motors Europe - Head of Division in "Current Product Research"

• Schindler Management Ldt. - Head of Marketing Communications. Major role for the success of the World Exhibition EXPO'92 in Sevilla. Co-development of marketing and communication plan for the launch of the first design-elevator "Schindler 300" in Europe.

• Buser & Partner Business Consulting - Partner. Consultant in marketing, communication and training

• ITZ - Innovation Coach. Developing an innovation strategy for Central Switzerland in collaboration with the University of Lucerne and international partner project, as part of a greater EU project. (RIS)

Consulting focus in the area of Customer Experience: Strategy Development, Leadership, Marketing and Communications, and Quality Control. Peter Kirchgessner is well positioned in the following sectors: Tourism, Transport, Automotive, and all other areas relating to the quality and perceived quality of products and services.

Bernadette Kirchgessner is co-owner of the agency. Bernadette Kirchgessner is well versed in the heavy industry as well as the service industry.

Professional Experience:

• ABB (Research Center Dättwil, Purchasing Department, HR in London).

• Manor (HR Administration)

• GfK (Project Assistant)

• Physiotherapy Rompen (Medical Practice Assistant)

Bernadette Kirchgessner is in charge of the administrative duties and the accounting responsibilities for the agency. Her strengths include keeping a clear head through busy and fast-paced times, which is made apparent by her exceptional management of family and business, being a mother of 4 children.

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